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Robert Brody, D.D.S. – Miami, Florida

"In 2008, I had 36 dental offices throughout Florida. I wanted to grow even more, but lacked the capital to continue to expand at the rate I wanted in order to stay competitive. That’s when I affiliated with Great Expressions Dental Centers. The results? When we hung the Great Expressions sign on the buildings, we upgraded all the existing offices – new chairs, enhanced equipment, a modern look. And, five years later, there are now 70 offices in Florida, all of which have an outstanding reputation with our patients, with fellow dentists and with the dental schools, who thank us for hiring their students."

Steve Candell, D.D.S. – New York

"I was the CEO of a 21 office firm with locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. I was looking for an exit strategy and some of the other partners wanted to continue practicing. We talked to four or five companies interested in affiliating with us. Of them all, we felt that Great Expressions Dental Centers had the same dental philosophy we did – take care of our patients so well that they would not hesitate to refer us to others. No cutting corners. We affiliated our practice in 2012 and it’s been a very rewarding experience."

James Sarchek, D.D.S. – Grosse Pointe, Michigan

"Affiliating my practice with Great Expressions Dental Centers was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I had an office with 14 operatories that grossed well over $2 million per year. I was looking for someone with plenty of resources to buy the practice – and still allow me to work. After all, I’ve had some patients for more than 40 years. The way it worked, I got my money out upfront and they still pay me a generous salary. They kept all of my staff and provided a benefit plan with better coverage at lower cost than I was able to provide."

Richard Woodward, D.D.S. – Jacksonville, Florida

"I had 14 offices in Jacksonville with a partner who wanted to retire, rather than continuing to grow. In 2010, we affiliated with Great Expressions Dental Centers. I have been very impressed. They delivered everything they promised and more. All of the offices have been refurbished – or soon will be. We’re in the process of converting them all to digital X-ray technology. We get better deals on supplies and higher fees from insurance. They have removed the burden of management from my shoulders and I now practice dentistry two days a week – and I thoroughly enjoy it."

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