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Great Expressions Meets and Exceeds Compliance Rate

Great Expressions Dental Centers

Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC), headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, is one of the largest dental support organizations in the United States, with over 270 dental offices in ten states. Great Expressions Dental Centers has been a leader in providing preventative dental care, orthodontics, surgery, and cosmetic dentistry to the communities they serve.

The Challenge
Elaine Olejnik, RDH, BS, Compliance Officer at GEDC was charged with coordinating and bringing all of their dental offices into “compliance” with weekly biological sterilizer monitoring. The challenge Elaine faced was that each affiliation had brought on another biological monitoring program and thus GEDC had five different programs in place, across the 270 dental offices. It was imperative that GEDC be able to track and prove that spore testing was being conducted on a weekly basis, across the board.

The Solutions
GEDC partnered with Mesa Labs experts to determine the most effective way to manage their program, through one source. Mesa calculated and analyzed all tests being sent in to the laboratory on a weekly basis to determine a “compliance rate”. In other words, 100% compliance means that 12 tests were sent in for each sterilizer for a 12-week period of time. An office with only 9 tests in that same 12-week period would thus only be 75% compliant. This provided Elaine with the visibility necessary to ensure compliance in all of GEDC’s dental offices across the country.

After working with GEDC, Mesa developed the Anytime Compliance Tracking dashboard, providing compliance rates for GEDC’s entire organization, region, and individual offices. The relationship between Mesa and GEDC has allowed GEDC to improve their compliance rate organization-wide to over 97%.

Great Expressions Dental Centers was the first to be awarded the Summit Compliance Award as recognition of their organization-wide commitment to infection control, demonstrated by achieving the highest levels of weekly, biological sterilization monitoring compliance.